Where Work Meets Life™: A Podcast from Dr. Laura Hambley

Serial Entrepreneur Dr. Laura Hambley, who founded Calgary Career Counselling, Synthesis Psychology, and Work EvOHlution recently began an inspiring podcast about workplace, wellness, career, and advocacy.

Where Work Meets Life™ pairs expert knowledge with energy and passion to both educate and invigorate listeners on a range of important topics relevant today. Since its launch in October 2020, Dr. Laura has had the privilege of interviewing many incredible guests. Listeners can see a full list of podcasts here.

Check out the latest from Dr. Laura below.

Podcast Appearances

Cat’s Track Podcast: Laura Hambley
Dr. Laura provides insight on spirituality, living by your values, and embracing the positive with Catherine Brownlee from Cat's Track
Canada’s Podcast: Dr. Laura Hambley, Workplace Psychologist
Dr. Laura speaks with Mario Toneguzzi from Canada's Podcast about how to cope with COVID-19.

Career Cravings Radio Show.

Career Cravings was a radio show than ran from 2016 to 2017, co-hosted by Toronto Practice Lead, Meghan Reid and Dev Ramcharan. It is a straight-talking and humorous insight-generation-machine for your career! Meghan, Dev, and their diverse guests bring you the best of their experience and expertise, sharing the kind of thinking that you need to help you sharpen your focus and transform your career. The episodes continue to be available here, and still contains valuable advice and information to this day. We hope you’ll enjoy this archive.

Career Cravings: Listen & Episode List