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Laura Hambley, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist
Founder of Calgary Career Counselling


Dr. Laura Hambley is a Registered Psychologist who has been providing career counselling to people of all ages since 2001. She was trained as a career counsellor through her Master’s degree in Applied Psychology at the University of Calgary. During that time she worked with university students at the University of Calgary Counselling and Student Development Centre, where she also ran career planning workshops.

Laura has also offered career planning to numerous high school students and young adults, as well as people in mid-career transitions. She has done numerous career assessments with an outplacement firm (Toombs KWA), working with professionals of all levels transitioning between jobs and careers. At this time, the scope of her practice includes coaching and mentoring for executives, team leads, and senior associates.

Laura is skilled in many types of career/testing/assessments, which she tailors to each individual’s needs. Alongside testing, she also incorporates various exercises and discussion to help people find their ideal career direction. Laura believes a person’s career is one of the most important choices in their life, and that time and effort should be taken to help each person find a fulfilling career direction.

In addition to her Master’s in Counselling Psychology, Laura holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Calgary. She is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists, as well as a member of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.

Dr. Laura Hambley enjoys contributing to practical research in the field of career development. As an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the University of Calgary, Laura supervises the research projects of Honour’s students. She also collaborates on research about distributed workers and the personality traits that predict success when working from a distance.  When research can make a difference to the careers and lives of various groups, Laura is especially interested in contributing.