Education Advising

We support you as you choose and apply to post-secondary and training programs.

Through our education advising services, we offer you up-to-date, unbiased information to help you make choices about your education that are right for you.

Our education advising services include:

Helping you choose the program and institution that best meets your educational needs and goals by reviewing:

  • Admission requirements and your academic records
  • School and program options
  • Tips to help increase your chance of being accepted
  • Editing admission essays and preparing for admission interviews
  • Resources and tools to make your post-secondary experience as successful as possible

Helping you build effective study and exam-taking skills, including:

  • Strategies to help you study effectively, stay organized, and manage your time
  • Tips to help prepare for and successfully write exams, and reduce apprehension
  • Optimizing your learning style and preferences
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