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Put your career plan into action.

Take the first step towards achieving success in your career by working with one of our expert Job Search Strategists, whose tailored services are designed to help you reach your goals. From helping you edit your resume to honing your interview skills, we’ve got you covered.

Job Search Strategy
Resume Coaching
Interview Skills
LinkedIn Review and Coaching Services

Job Search Strategy

It can be overwhelming searching for work, but we can help you form a game plan and approach it strategically!

What are you currently doing for your job search? If your answers to these questions are, “I don’t know” and “I’m just looking at job postings online and applying” it might be time to try something else!

Our Job Search Strategy sessions include teaching you ways to find a job, and are customized to your goals and target industry.

  • By developing a personalized job search plan and incorporating other tools into your job search, you will be more optimistic, accountable, and will start to see improved results.

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Resume Coaching

Capture the attention of employers with a standout resume and cover letter.

The most effective resumes and cover letters are customized, just like our services. We offer a high-touch, collaborative, and guided process to help you learn and use best practices for crafting a compelling resume.

Each service includes:

  • The 30 second impression test and feedback
  • A review and feedback of grammar, spelling, formatting, visual appeal, content, alignment and keyword use
  • Answering your resume questions and helping you with creating strategies to address perceived barriers, such as employment gaps, career transition or lack of experience
  • Helping you identify which skills to include on your resume, and ask thoughtful questions to discover your accomplishments
  • Teaching you about important strategies when applying through Applicant Tracking Systems

Find out which of our service tiers – review, rebrand, or rebuild – fits best for you.

Resume and Cover Letter Review

“There is a job I want to apply for. I have the job posting and have written and customized my resume and cover letter. I would like feedback before I submit my application.”

Resume and Cover Letter Rebrand

“I have a resume and cover letter, but it is very old and needs updating.”

“I have a resume, but I am making a transition from one career/industry to another, and need help to explain that and make myself marketable.”

“I have applied to hundreds of jobs and am not getting calls for interviews.”

Resume and Cover Letter Rebuild

I do not have a resume. It has been so long since I have done one, that I don’t know where to start. Can you give me information so I can write my resume, and then work with me to review and improve it?”

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Interview Skills

The interview is your chance to make a great first impression, once your resume and cover letter get you in the door.

It’s up to you to sell your unique skills, personality, and attributes during a job interview so that you can show you’re the best candidate for the position. We work with you to build your skills and confidence, increasing your chances of successfully landing your ideal job.

Our Job Search Strategists will help you to feel prepared for your next interview by:

  • Discussing your interview concerns and developing strategies for dealing with them (i.e. too nervous, not enough experience, never had a Zoom interview, let go from last job, gets lots of interviews but never get an offer)
  • Providing strategies for managing various interview questions and interview types, including:
    • Virtual Interviews (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Telephone)
    • Panel and Group Interviews
    • Prescreening Interviews
    • Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for medical schools and physiotherapy graduate programs
    • Interviews for admission to a university or college program
    • Behavioural Descriptive Interviews (BDI) and STAR stories
  • Teaching you how to analyze the job posting so you can anticipate questions you will be asked
  • Preparing and brainstorming answers
  • Exploring approaches to explain career changes and/or gaps in employment
  • Creating key questions that you can ask the employer
  • Practicing questions through mock interview role-plays
  • Receiving immediate feedback on body language, tone, expression and depth of your answers
  • Developing a plan for how to successfully present yourself on interview day

Do you have a job interview that you’re preparing for? We can help!

LinkedIn Review and Coaching Services

Stay competitive in today’s global market with a polished LinkedIn profile.

Having a LinkedIn profile has become a necessary tool when it comes to your online presence and identity. It is a powerful networking tool, learning tool, and a critical part of your career management plan.

Whether you are just getting started with LinkedIn, needing support with a profile update or review, or looking to learn how to use it, we can help.

Work with our Job Search Strategists and learn how to:

  • Create, optimize, or improve your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn for job search, career management or building your business 
  • Understand how LinkedIn works and maximize the keywords, algorithms and content in your profile
  • Learn how to build LinkedIn relationships, maintain LinkedIn relationships, identify networking opportunities and more

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