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Take the first step towards achieving success in your career by working with one of our expert Job Search Strategists or Education Advisors, whose tailored services are designed to help you reach your goals. From resume writing and interview skills, to post-secondary planning and applications, we’ve got you covered.

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Resume Services

Capture the attention of employers with a standout resume and cover letter.

The most effective resumes and cover letters are customized, just like our services. We offer a high-touch, collaborative, and guided process to help you learn and use best practices for finding your ideal job in today’s market.

We will help you with:

  • Building a compelling cover letter and resume that aligns your documents to specific roles and job postings (if applicable)
  • Reformatting your content to highlight your skills and experience, while targeting your documents to get through Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Creating strategies to overcome perceived barriers, such as employment gaps, job hopping, and lack of experience or skills
  • Reviewing grammar, spelling, formatting and content alignment
  • Using resume and cover letter templates, key words, as well as providing additional feedback and follow-up
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Interview Skills

The interview is your chance to make a great first impression, once your resume and cover letter get you in the door.

It’s up to you to sell your unique skills, personality, and attributes during a job interview so that you can show you’re the best candidate for the position. Our Job Search Strategists work with you to build your skills and confidence, increasing your chances of successfully landing your ideal job.

Our Job Search Strategists will help you to feel prepared for your next interview by:

  • Providing strategies for managing various interview questions and interview types, including:
    • Behavioural descriptive interviews and creating STAR stories
    • Panel and group interviews
    • Virtual interviews (telephone, Skype and video)
    • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) for medical and professional school admissions
  • Developing a plan for how to successfully present yourself on interview day
  • Exploring approaches to explain career changes and/or gaps in employment
  • Creating key questions that you can ask the employer
  • Practicing questions through mock interview role-plays, where you will receive immediate feedback on body language, tone, expression and depth of your answers
  • Exploring the psychology of the interview process from your and the hiring manager’s perspectives
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LinkedIn Coaching

Stay competitive in today’s global market with a polished LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a valuable networking and recruitment tool for job seekers to ‘see and be seen’ online. Our Job Search Strategists have years of experience helping clients increase their online presence and the likelihood of being sought out by recruiters and others in their industry.

Work with one of our Job Search Strategists and learn how to:

  • Create, optimize, or improve your LinkedIn profile to increase your visibility online
  • Leverage LinkedIn for job search, to find and apply for jobs, and be seen by recruiters
  • Navigate LinkedIn for building relationships, identifying networking opportunities, and supporting your career research, bringing you closer to your dream career

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Education Advising

We guide you through choosing and applying to the right post-secondary program.

Through our education advising process, we offer you up-to-date, unbiased advice and information to help you make choices about your education that are right for you. Our services are tailored to your needs and can include:

Our education advising services include:

Choosing the program and institution that best meets your educational needs and goals by reviewing:

  • Admission requirements and your academic records
  • School and program options in your ideal location
  • Tips to help increase your chance of being accepted
  • Resources and tools to make your post-secondary experience as successful as possible

Assisting you with the application process, such as:

  • Submitting your application online
  • Editing admission essays and preparing for admission interviews
  • Exploring financing and funding options (e.g., student loans, scholarships, and bursaries)
  • Ensuring you register for required courses

Helping you build effective study and exam-taking skills, including:

  • Strategies to help you study effectively, stay organized, and manage your time
  • Tips to help prepare for and successfully write exams, and reduce apprehension
  • Optimizing your learning style and preferences
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