With increasing attention on health and safety, and remote work taking a front seat in many of our lives, virtual interviews have become the new normal. An interview in the comfort of your own home with your trusty phone, tablet, or computer sounds straightforward but there are some things to consider when you are preparing for a virtual interview.


Personal Presentation Still Matters!

Even if you are preparing to take this virtual interview from your living room couch, the way that you put yourself together for a potential employer says more about you than you would think. Employers are looking for signs that you take their company and this position seriously and you can run the risk of appearing unprofessional if you are dressed too casually. Hair should be groomed and tidy, and make-up should be appropriate for the position to which you are applying.


Pick the Right Space!

With a virtual interview, not only are you a representative of yourself but so is your space. If you plan on sitting at your kitchen table or in the living room, make sure that once you turn on your camera everything visible is neat and tidy. Use things around the house to prop up your laptop, tablet, or phone to make sure that you’re comfortable looking straight ahead. Sit in front of a wall that has a great piece of art, or calming paint color, as these can be used as a backdrop to your conversation. Make sure that the lighting is bright enough so you’re visible but not so bright that you’re blinding your interviewer. You can even try calling a family member or friend as a test run!


Be Prepared!

Make sure that you are fully prepared for the interview at least five minutes before the scheduled time. Since you will be doing a lot of talking, pour yourself a glass of water. Have your notes e.g. information about the company and interviewers etc. in front of you, alongside a note pad and pen, so that you can take notes during the interview.


Relax and Be Yourself!

Interviews are challenging both in person and virtually. Make sure to take some deep breaths, write yourself some motivational messages, and remember that you are interviewing this company just as much as they are interviewing you!


Good Luck!

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