John* had a prestigious job that he’d worked hard to achieve.

He managed to get into a rather competitive program, completed it successfully, and landed a job immediately following graduation. John felt like he had finally made it! His time, effort, and investment had finally culminated in a well-paying job in the career he thought he wanted. The first year at his new place of employment was difficult. The hours were long, the expectations were high, and his co-workers were prickly and competitive. Each day was a struggle, and John realized he wasn’t even enjoying the work itself. He took it upon himself to switch companies in hopes that he’d had some bad luck in his previous position. Months later, he was experiencing much of the same. That was when he came to see us at Calgary Career Counselling.

He sat down, exhausted and hopeless. Because of his struggles with motivation and the unhappiness he was experiencing in his situation, I suspected John might benefit from the Career Fitness Profiler. This assessment provides a snapshot of one’s career values, attitudes, and outlook to understand one’s career motivation and the degree to which a job is suitable or could be made more suitable.

So often we justify an unhappy work situation by the security or money it provides, or because of the time and money we spent in schooling to get there.

When John saw the results of his assessment staring him in the face, he could no longer ignore his reality: he was miserable. The assessment clearly showed that John was bordering on being depressed. When I reviewed the assessment, it was easy to understand why. None of John’s prime career motivators were being met, aside from his desire for financial reward. According to the assessment, it looked like John had traded in all of the other things he’d valued in pursuit of the money and prestige that came with his position—so much so, that he’d lost touch with his values altogether. With tears in his eyes, John looked up at me and said, “Continuing on like this is not worth it.”

The Career Fitness assessment was the starting point for some amazing work and self-discovery John and I did together. It helped both him and I see that underneath his tough exterior was a person who was deeply unhappy and who had a long list of salubrious needs that were going unmet. By embracing the reality of who he was and what he wanted, John seized the opportunity to make shifts in his current career to achieve greater satisfaction, ultimately giving him more room to breathe and flourish long term in a meaningful way.

The Career Fitness Profiler painted a candid, unbiased picture of John’s circumstances that motivated change on a deep level.

We have begun to incorporate the Career Fitness assessment as part of our mid-career transition process. To inquire about the Career Fitness Profiler for yourself or someone you know, please contact us today.

Bryanne Manveiler
Registered Provisional Psychologist
Calgary Career Counselling

*To maintain client confidentiality, this is a fictitious account inspired by a combination of client experiences.