Last year over the holiday season, our Career and Job Search Strategist, Lise Stransky, shared some great Career Advising Tips for the holidays – here we are re-gifting them again for 2022! We invite you to read them and gently challenge you to use them, all throughout the upcoming year.


10 Career Advising Tips for the Holidays


1) Reflect on the year. Identify your top 3 most significant learning experiences, your top 3 accomplishments, and 3 new skills you acquired.

2)  Make jobs come to you. Set up a LinkedIn Job Alert for your desired occupation so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

3)  Update your resume. Make sure it includes accomplishments and achievements, especially if it has not been updated in the last six months.

4)  Make sure to save a copy of the job posting you applied to. You’ll need it to prepare for an interview!

5)  Who is worthy of your skills and talents? Create a Top 10 list of companies you would work for. This will direct your professional networking and job search activities.


6)  Gift yourself a Calgary Public Library card. Develop skills by taking courses for free on LinkedIn Learning – and then add the completed course to your resume and LinkedIn Profile!

7)  “Tell Me About Yourself.” Don’t regurgitate your resume – your interviewer has already read it! Highlight the skills and value you offer. Try: “I am a (creative and methodical) professional. This is important to your organization because… The value I will bring is…”

8)  Modify and edit your resume. For every job you apply for. Every. Single. Time. Even if you always apply to the same type of job. Use the keywords, language, and skills listed in the job posting.

9)  Sign up for your industry newsletters. Read them – to keep informed on trends and industry standards. Use them – as an opportunity to connect. Send a note to the author of an article you read and share your appreciation or learning.

10)  Refresh your career wardrobe before you need it! If working from home meant slippers and pajama bottoms, make sure your professional clothes still fit, aren’t dated, and make you feel great.

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By Lise Stransky, B.A., CCDP at Calgary Career Counselling