On this episode of Dr Laura: Where Work Meets Life™ – Dr. Laura welcomes organizational development consultant and author Dr. Alan Patterson, to the podcast to discuss his new book “Burn Ladders. Build Bridges: Pursuing Work with Meaning and Purpose”. Dr. Patterson’s thoughts on career development and work success align very closely with those of Dr. Laura and Canada Career Counselling.



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Dr. Alan Patterson experienced his own major career shift when he lost his largest client and moved to doing more coaching on his own. He understands that career shifts can happen to anyone, at any time, and for any reason, but also that you can choose your own career shift. Dr. Patterson advocates for owning your career development and making choices. He stresses the importance of networking and he maintains that building relationships is the most important factor in career satisfaction. Dr. Laura and Dr. Patterson’s conversation will inspire you to examine your own career path.

“… that’s one thing that I think is problematic; that ladder climbing, and the state of education and what it does and what it reinforces for the way people think. I think curiosity has been engineered out and I think that’s a travesty.” – Dr. Alan Patterson




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